Mega Albumin 1000mg/serving


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The 100% American albumin product

The “Albumin product to eat”, which is the most purchased in the US trip,


Albumin is a kind of protein that can be said to be a kind of protein, because there is no side effect of the ingredient itself, you can see the efficacy of albumin, such as the increase of immune system and increase of muscle mass, In addition, albumin itself is a multiprotein containing amino acids or sugars, so the efficacy is more effective. It is a simple protein that is widely distributed in cells and body fluids together with globulin, and constitutes the basic substance of cells.

New Advanced Formula

In Korea, it costs more than $280 a day with a ringer injection, but it is an albumin nutrient.
In the US, it is a product that is loved by many elderly people as albumin to eat.

The efficacy of Mega albumin at a glance


Albumin is a component of the liver that can cause the body's albumin levels to fall from the normal values of 3,4 to below. In this case, you should take albumin because it can not affect your body, which is the efficacy of albumin. It is also effective in preventing liver cancer, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and liver diseases.


The kidneys that the kidneys belong to are weak because when they are lack of albumin, their function is easily deteriorated, so supplementing them with albumin is good for improving kidney function.

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